23rd World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry

23rd World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry

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The 23rd World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry will be held in London, UK from June 05–06, 2023, with the topic “Shaping a healthy and sustainable food chain through knowledge.” The Food Chemistry Conferences Committee extends its warm greeting to all attendees. Participating in FOOD CHEMISTRY CONGRESS 2023 will give you a fantastic opportunity to interact with top-tier nutrition specialists, food chemists, clinical nutritionists, dieticians, and industry experts, opening a channel for partnerships and collaborations.

Conference Series  publishes 700+ open access journals with over 50000 eminent individuals, fictional scientists as editorial board members and reviewers and organises 1000+ global events annually across the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions with support from more than 1000 additional scientific societies.

The two-day FOOD CHEMISTRY CONGRESS 2023 Conference features workshops, symposiums, and unique keynote talks from eminent speakers who go above and beyond in the fields of chemistry and nutrition. As we facilitate a Poster Award Competition and Young Research Forum at the meeting venue, this Food Chemistry Conferences also encourages the active participation of young students and talented understudy groups from universities and research labs, providing an ideal space to share the latest advancements in the Nutrition and Dietetics research and upcoming analysts and sprouting researchers.

Importance and Scope:

Leading academic scientists, researchers, doctors, professors, research fellows, directors, deans, post-graduates in nutrition and food chemistry, food chemistry professionals, health care providers, nutrition specialists, food chemistry specialists, nutrition entrepreneurs, nutrition faculty, food faculty, nutrition academicians, food chemistry academicians, students, and business delegates are invited to participate in food chemistry conferences in order to exchange and share the latest information.

We have dealt with a number of innovative Nutrition events and Nutrition and Food Chemistry gatherings that created amazing relationships and brought associations and affiliations of professionals in Food Chemistry: acrylamide is generated in the Mallard reaction together. Meetings, conferences, and events focused on nutrition are essential for community members to be healthy and strong throughout their lives. To promote the knowledge about how to stay fit and healthy for the rest of our lives, nutrition conferences, events, and meetings are crucial in relation to the successful global research.

Why to Attend????

The Food Chemistry Congress 2023 will provide a significant forum for specialists in the fields of nutrition and food sciences to discuss the most recent research and difficulties in the field. Registered dieticians, other healthcare professionals, researchers, and students working in the subject will have a specific platform at Nutrition & Food Chemistry 2020 to consciously share their perspectives and understandings in front of a sizable international audience. This nutrition conference, or rather all nutrition conferences, events, and gatherings, will aid in the networking of various minds in nutrition and dietetics throughout the globe, facilitating B2B relationships amongst professionals in addition to academicians. The business that produces nutritional products and supplements is able to display its goods at the Nutrition exposition and expo.

Conference series is confident that the 23rd World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry will provide a forum for discussion of issues with nutrition and dietetics as well as other difficulties encountered in the field of food science. Additionally, it will assist in promoting awareness and tackling one of humanity’s most dangerous challenges.

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